How to become a massage therapy professional

John Coleman | September 26, 2018 | 0 | Education & Training

Would you like to be a massage therapist? Are you compelled by a desire to assist people better their health and wellbeing? Well, you can achieve your dreams by undertaking any of the massage therapy courses in Brisbane. Massage therapy assists millions of people deal with physical complaints, sore muscles, and emotional suffering. If you are gifted in giving a tremendous massage, then being a professional massage therapist can be an outstanding career opportunity and a way to help other individuals with your skill.

Massage therapy can be defined as participating in the application of a scientific system of action to the muscular structure of a human body by stroking, rubbing, tapping and vibrating by use of hands or vibrators with the intention of mending muscle tone and circulation.

General requirements

For you to be licensed as a massage therapist, you must:

  • have a good moral character
  • be at least 18 years of age
  • meet education and examination demands
  • meet experience demands(if applicable)
  • How to gain a massage experience

You can gain massage experience in the following ways.

Determine if your heart is in the right place. You can be good with your hands, but are you patient and empathetic as well? A massage therapist should be concerned about other people’s wellbeing. Experiencing a massage is a very intimate feeling. A proficient massage therapist acknowledges that the art of massage is physical and emotional.

Study the art of massage. One of the greatest ways to learn about the massage arts is consulting a massage therapist, and experiencing a massage yourself. Ask enough questions about what the profession entails, and decide what type of massage therapist you would like to be. You can as well do some research. Acquire online information about the several types of massage, or read the massage books at your local library. Additionally, you can Practice it on friends. Take the first step in having a feel of how your “bedside manner” should be like, and how a distinctive session should proceed.

Consider specializing. There are lots of specialties in massage therapy and most of the massage therapists focus on one or more of them. Distinct types of massage are utilized to different ends. Some are pitched towards the healing muscles, others towards easing stress, while others are pitched towards assisting specific physical illnesses. It is a good to discover what you want the most. It will assist you in getting appropriate training.

There are various institutions that you can select if you want to study massage therapy courses in Brisbane. For instance, Sage Institute of Massage helps people to get a head start on their new massage career by ensuring that their graduates are employed through their Career Agents, Jobs Board and My Career in Massage website. They offer full-time and part-time massage courses with low-cost payment plans, VET FEE-HELP and State and Federal Government funding for entitled students including

  • Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT52015)
  • Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice (HLT40312)

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